Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chris the Small Business Owner

I know nobody really cares about my political beliefs and nor does my vote really matter - I live in Oklahoma, the reddest of red states, so McCain's kind of got it wrapped up. Either way, here it goes:

Neither candidate impresses me very much, I am one of "those" undecided. I really liked Obama's first impression but the more I learn, the less I like. The old McCain used to impress me but now he has to cater to the party, that sucks. Not to mention, he's no spring chicken and Palin as President - she's clueless. I'm not sure if she or Biden scare me more. My problem is that I am a small business owner and believe in capitalism. I do not want the government getting involved in my business BUT no doubt we have big social problems. Healthcare is a disaster, in our small company our health insurance plan increased by $2,ooo per month. Social Security is a joke for my generation. Our dollar has lost tremendous value. The national debt clock in NYC had to have the dollar symbol removed because it was so large their wasn't room - fyi your family's current share is currently above $85,000, nice. Obviously what we're doing isn't working.

Not long ago I ditched the Republican party but I purposely did not join the Democratic party. When my wife chastised me for giving up the priveledge of voting in primaries I responded that I hoped that somewhere, somebody openned some report that showed I had left one and not joined the other and that someone pondered where the disconnect was.

Along with capitalism, social responsibility is core in my beliefs and I have higher expectations of my fellow man than what they give me. Give more, care more, you know...the Golden Rule. Stop screwing the environment so you can make a buck, treat your employees like you worked there, treat your employer like your ass was on the line.

I believe real problems require admitting them and addressing them candidly. We never address the root and we only go as deep as we can without pissing off special interest or offending someone - sometimes the truth just plain sucks. I feel like we need someone who is going to sacrifice their political career to fix the problems because a lot of people aren't going to like the answers. Our politics are sugar coated. Americans refuse to face reality and experience the pain required with fixing and healing.

Want my vote?
1. Admit problems
2. Speak candidly and stop pandering to special interests
3. Be willing to sacrifice your career for the solution you believe in.

Wishful thinking. If I'm missing something, wrong or ignorant - please let me know. I'd like to address the problem.

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