Monday, December 8, 2008

The non-blog.

Want a New Medio cycling kit? You can view it here and send me an email if you want one. I'll be ordering them at the end of January.
Optional items:
Jerseys: $45
Bibs: $60
Wind Vest: $43
Skin Suit: $90
Lycra Shoe Covers: $18
Base Layer (short and long sleeve): $18
Running shirts: $40

All designs are urban cammo except for base layer which is solid black or white with a smaller logo high on the chest, similar to a Pearl Izumi base layer.


andrewTest said...


Now you have a second reader.

I like your approach of walking humbly with your gifts.

Keep it up.

tomdog said...

Great blog. I just joined the Wheelmen Yahoo Group and your e-mail was the first one I got. Keep up the good work and I may be interested in some of the gear. Later.